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We started isomum with a dream to make it easier for mothers to hydrate well in pregnancy & labour

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We’re on a mission to keep mothers and babies healthy, help out the communities who need us most and make sure our mothers have the choice to do good for themselves. That’s why we pack our little drink powders full of good stuff to support a healthy pregnancy and positive birth experience. 

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Darcey Croft and I’ve spent over 12 years in the field of obstetrics and maternity as a midwife, specialist and advanced clinical practitioner. 

In the UK, midwives are highly trained health care professionals and experts in normal birth. This means we identify and aim to solve problems before they become complications.

The lightbulb moment for ISOMUM flashed up as I listened to a room full of experts acknowledge there wasn’t an adequate solution to a big problem. I saw mothers needed a better choice for themselves and their babies.

What is the problem? 

Well, as you know (or probably can imagine) childbirth is tough and challenging at the best of times. What you might not realise, is how similar to running a marathon it can be on the body. I’d even go as far to say it should be reclassed as an extreme sport! 

And, like athletes, pregnant & labouring women can quickly become depleted of essential minerals, salts & vitamins. Unlike athletes, labouring women can’t choose to stop and, the more depleted she becomes, the chance of her birth not going to plan increases. 

When electrolyte levels become unbalanced during labour, many women (at least 26%) develop a condition called hyponatramia. Unfortunately, because both conditions have the same symptoms, this condition can easily be misdiagnosed for an obstetric emergency condition called pre-eclampsia. And, while one is an obstetric emergency, the other, hyponatramia is easily correctable with balanced hydration. 

Given my background, I thought, what if there was a product I could recommend to mothers to pack in their hospital bags and use in labour? But apart from sports energy drinks (with tons of sugar) there was nothing available. 

The solution

So, I went all in. To solve the problem and create a solution to help mums-to-be keep stay safe from unnecessary complications and interventions. And, after a heck of a lot of research and the skills of some amazing experts. The first electrolyte replenishment solution created specifically for pregnant, labouring and postnatal mothers was developed and ISOMUM was born. Our name comes from with a mix of ‘Isotonic and the UK word for mother’. 

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