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Darcey Croft, midwife and founder of ISOMUM

As a midwife, I often get asked about what women can eat and drink in pregnancy. Especially, what they can pack in their hospital bag for labour to help with fatigue and hydration. But, in my search for recommendations, I found questionable ingredients in the mainstream energy boosting drinks. Most had been created for sportspeople and not pregnancy. I couldn’t find any I trusted, and I thought there really ought to be one available. 

This thought was amplified, a light bulb moment you could call it, followed by a swift call to action. 

One October afternoon in 2022. I was listening intently to a case study about a woman and baby who had experienced serious birth complications because of poor hydration and electrolyte imbalance. Professionals debated on how this could have been avoided. Some suggested sports drinks, but all agreed the ingredients weren’t right – too much blood glucose spiking sugars to be able to recommended this option. There really was nothing available on the mainstream market, there was no product made for the unique needs of pregnant and labouring women. This was the moment I vowed to create a product that would improve maternal choice and a safe way for mothers to reduce risk for themselves. 

I knew the product would replenish the essential electrolytes depleted by pregnancy and conditions like morning sickness, hyperemesis and gestational diabetes; along with the physical demands of labour, postnatal recovery, and the needs of breastfeeding infants would be considered in the ingredients. It would taste refreshing and delicious, and would pack easily into any labour bag. 

Having the idea was the easy part, but I founded ISOMUM with the belief that improved energy and wellbeing begins with targeted ingredients to keep electrolytes balanced when you need it most. And who doesn’t love the pursuit of a noble cause! So I got straight to work assembling a crack team of researchers, scientists, product developers and brand creators. Together, we’re committed to giving mothers the choice they never had before. 

I still work full time as an advanced clinical practitioner and specialist midwife for maternal mental health. My driving passion is to advocate and help women navigate the challenges that new life naturally brings and improve outcomes for women and children everywhere. 

Darcey and Delilah Isomum
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Darcey Croft, founder and consultant midwife for ISOMUM