Meet The Founder- Darcey Croft

Meet Our Founder of Isomum

Hey there! I’m Darcey Croft, and I’m thrilled to have you visit my bio.

As a dedicated midwife, I’ve had the incredible privilege of working with expectant mothers for many years, supporting them through one of the most remarkable journeys of their lives.

This is me and my Granddaughter, Delilah.

Isomum and Me


I work closely with my family on new projects and always trying to find something that can rekindle my love of business and usually have a few things going on. 

I’ve sold candles, where we used to have a business making them (Barenaturals).
My love for everything nurturing sent me on the path of planting trees (10 trees for every candle sold!). We have planted a lot of trees!

My deep passion for maternal health and a strong desire to make a meaningful difference led me on my most recent personal journey – the creation of Isomum.

On this website, you’ll find out more about my story, my mission, and the inspiring path that led to the birth of Isomum. I hope that my journey can serve as an inspiration for women worldwide, showing how a dream can become a reality and positively impact the lives of mums-to-be everywhere.

Thank you for being a part of this exciting adventure!

A Quick Timeline of How My Life Got me Here

  • Born in 1972 in Little Gaddesden, Hertfordshire, England
  • Attended (school)
  • So on so on

My Mentions in the Press

I have had some mentions. 
Here are a few:

Who Cares Wins Award Nomination:

I was shortlisted for the Who Cares Wins Award and represented the Midwife category.  

There were a few nominations from the people I have worked caring for.
You can learn a little more about the nominations and why here.

Articles where my professionalism has been asked on topics

  • Therapy is Not Weak or Unnecessary. Where I was asked to comment on support when needing it from a professional when we all could have moments in our lives where this is necessary. But in my case, maybe it could have been better to have left it still in the box. 
  • Big Babies! 
    Of course all ladies worry about their child being born with birth issues and not least of all is if they are looking at the prospect of giving birth to an extremely large baby. Here is where my opinion was sought.
  • How to get exposure as a start up. Business as well!
  • Oliiki is a fabulous app which gives mothers the opportunity to bond and support their baby during a very vital stage in life to develop their brains.

My bathroom Phobia stemming from when I was a child