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Company Overview

Born from British-US roots, ISOMUM offers a refreshing perspective on maternal supplements. Co-founded in 2023 by Darcey Croft and David Bryans, the brand’s standout product—an isotonic drink for pregnancy—addresses real challenges faced during expectant care.

Quick points

How it began:

During her master’s studies in advanced clinical practice, Darcey, a practising midwife specialising in maternal mental health, recognised an unmet need. She observed issues like hyponatremia during labour and electrolyte imbalances in the first trimester, which lacked dedicated solutions for expectant mothers. With this insight, using her own funds and a government start-up loan, she rallied an international team of experts to develop an isotonic drink that serves both mother and baby. 

David, with his key skills in marketing and business, drove the brand’s visibility and distribution. Darcey, true to her calling, continues to support new mothers in her role as a specialist midwife

Personal Touch:

Darcey and David share more than a business vision; they’ve been life partners for 23 years. They call Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire home, along with their four children and grandchild.

Founder Bio - Darcey Croft

Basic information
  • Born: 1972, age 50
  • Hometown: Little Gaddesden, Hertfordshire
  • Family: Partner David Bryans (47yrs). Mother of four, grandmother to one.
Education and Credentials:
  • Training: Florence Nightingale School of Midwifery, Kings College London
  • Education: BSc.Midwifery, Women’s Health. MSc. Advanced Clinical Practice. Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy. 
  • Credentials: NMC Registered Midwife Prescriber. Specialist in perinatal mental health. 
Darcey Croft
Professional Experience:

Darcey Croft is a dedicated midwife with a heart for perinatal mental health. After taking time off to nurture her family, she felt a pull towards further education in her mid-thirties. With determination, she found her way to the Florence Nightingale School of Midwifery at Kings College London.

Darcey’s academic journey led her to earn degrees in midwifery and women’s health, and she’s proudly an NMC registered midwife prescriber. While she’s explored many aspects of midwifery, she’s always felt a special connection to perinatal mental health and the impact of psychology on birth experiences.

Her studies didn’t stop there; Darcey also delved into clinical hypnotherapy, emphasising the deep connection between the mind and body during pregnancy and birth. For over 14 years, she’s shared her knowledge and experience, humbly supporting countless women, babies, and families as they navigate the transformative journey of childbirth.

Noteworthy Mentions

Darcey has gained attention in the national media landscape in both personal and professional capacity. 

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In 2022, she stood out as one of only three midwives nominated for the esteemed national award “Sun Who Cares Wins”, recognising her exceptional support for mothers facing mental health issues.

In 2023 Darcey was called to deliver her own grandchild in dramatic fashion in the early hours by the side of road. 

Contact Information:

Darcey can be contacted through our press team: or on her socials. 

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