Blackcurrant Electrolyte Pregnancy Drink

The Isotonic drink for you and your baby.
-not for the sports track and field.-

The Isotonic drink for you and your baby.
-not for the sports track and field.-

Blackcurrant Electrolyte Pregnancy Drink

Hello From Isomum
Hello From Isomum@Isomums
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About Isomum's Electrolyte Drink

Isomum is a prenatal and postnatal electrolyte drink for pregnancy and breastfeeding. It has multivitamins and minerals. Designed as an advanced hydration isotonic drink for stages of pregnancy and breastfeeding. A formulated drink that is perfect as a birthing partner for labour that will replenish electrolytes and increase energy while being sugar-free. Managing increased fluid during the months before and after giving birth. And provides a needed vitamin boost to support mother and baby.

INGREDIENTS THAT WORK FOR YOU AND YOUR BABY- We created something special for you and your little one. We ensured there were no hidden nasties. No sugar, caffeine, or artificial ingredients such as sweeteners, colours or flavours.

DEVELOPED WITH THE WISDOM OF UK MIDWIFE, DARCEY CROFT - Isomum is a breakthrough in maternal health. This results in a meticulously crafted blend of electrolytes, minerals, and vitamins. Traditional electrolytes fall short when it comes to the dynamic life of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. So Isomum is a powerful yet gentle drink that delivers something unique.

Elegantly Tailored Hydration

Our scientifically crafted formula ensures mothers-to-be and breastfeeding women receive precise electrolyte balance

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Hydration Targeting

ELECTROLYTES FOR HYDRATION INCLUDES VITAMINS AND MINERALS - New arrivals are all about endurance, and a never-ending marathon. Motherhood, it's the long haul. Isomum is a multivitamin electrolyte drink that provides beneficial vitamins and minerals to boost pregnancy and breastfeeding. Isomum is a hydration powder to combat fatigue and help you thrive.

Nourishing vitamins & Minerals

THE BEST ELECTROLYTE DRINK FOR PREGNANCY AND BREASTFEEDING- Isomum is an energy drink to combat fatigue in the birthing room. It also boasts a wonderful host of multivitamins and minerals. Developed as hydration management for mother and baby in all trimesters, birth recovery, and during breastfeeding. With a focus on supporting immunity health, baby development, physical well-being, and mental clarity.

Energy Drink for Mothers

MANAGING YOUR FLUID INCREASE - Isomum, a blend of electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. We developed a powerful yet gentle drink that delivers energizing electrolytes. We added stuff you need and removed the stuff you don't. It's formulated to keep your energy levels high without the spikes. Helping your body manage your increase in fluid (up to 40%). Perfect for prenatal pregnancy and postnatal recovery.

I was recommended to use Isomum Electrolyte- blackcurrant as I was often feeling low. I suffer from with serious mental health issues, staying hydrated, active, working and maintaining the mum life I always feel drained each and every day. I have been using this product for a while now and it has had a huge impact on my wellbeing, I'm feeling more revitalised and active. My energy levels have improved since drinking this everyday. It's easy to make up. With simple instructions. Not to mention it tastes and smells delicious, I don't usually like using powder supplements in water but this is amazing ♡ I will definitely continue to purchase and I highly recommend it to anyone ♡

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This drink is not just for pregnant women and nursing mums, it's for anyone! I am so bad with keeping myself hydrated and I often drink too much fizzy, more than I like to admit. Isomum is a great way to stay hydrated and get those electrolytes I need to stay energised throughout the day! It makes me drink more water, but tastes SO good, so it's easy! I'd recommend to anyone, especially those who are carrying a tiny human!

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Shannon This drink is so yummy!

Been drinking this religiously for months now and I always come back to buy more, it makes me feel so refreshed and full of energy. I’ve recommended it to so many people already and they all say the same thing. If you’re looking for an easy way to get all your electrolytes and vitamins, this is such a great fix!

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Dominique Absolutely LOVE isomum - recommend this drink to anyone!

I bought ISOMUM for my friend's baby shower. It's sugar-free but still tastes amazing and is sweet. Blackcurrant, not a regular flavor in the US, was pleasantly refreshing. As it's made for pregnant women, it's all about keeping them hydrated. It's nice to have something that's made for pregnancy, makes her feel more at ease, and me. I'm really glad I picked it, turned out to be a good gift that they enjoy using. Bringing this product to the baby shower was a hit!! Will definitely buy again!!

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Leticia Flavor and benefits are Amazing!!!

These are awesome. I mentioned to a friend that I've been using electrolytes for years and she recommended I try these (they're not JUST for pregnant women). I really like the taste and they're only 10 calories! Highly recommend.

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JB Love them

I really like adding electrolytes to my water, I'm not always great at hydrating and the added flavor and benefits definitely help. The blackcurrant in this tastes good and gives me more incentive to drink it. I did notice that not all of the minerals in here dissolve completely in water. There is a bit left at the bottom of my bottle near the end, no matter how much I shake it.

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MochiCat ISOMUM Electrolytes, Blackcurrant

I use a lot of electrolyte powders because my salt tends to run on the low side. This powder tastes so much better than most others I have tried, and tastes way less salty, which is good. My pregnancy days are long past, but I like this just for an everyday electrolyte powder for everyone.

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MelBell Taste is awesome

This is a very tasty electrolyte mix. It mixes easily and I find it to be very hydrating. Very pleasant tasting and easy on the stomach. There's 30 servings.

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Amazon Customer Very tasty!!

Developed for the birthing room and beyond

Isomum’s hydration powder for the busy, breastfeeding and pregnant mums. A very unique and special supportive blend of electrolytes that leaves you feeling great and tastes great too.
We have tailored our unique formula with the finest scientists in the US, crafting an extremely delicate and nurturing- yet powerfully effective drink. Electrolytes to target exactly what you need in the most important months of your baby’s journey, for you and your baby.
Before being born and during the months of breastfeeding also.
Isomum is perfect for those that need the extra help when it comes to hydrating delicately and precisely and can leave you feeling more energised and kicking away those discomforting blues.

About Isomum's Electrolyte Drink