The Isotonic drink for you and your baby.
-Not for the sports track and field.-

Blackcurrant Electrolyte Pregnancy Drink

Hello From Isomum
Hello From Isomum@Isomums
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About Isomum's Electrolyte Drink

The essential electrolytes for you and your baby.

Essential electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals

No sugar or artificial sweeteners

Keep your baby healthy and happy with the best possible nutrition for a successful breastfeeding journey!

The ultimate electrolyte support for pregnancy and breastfeeding mummas.

Elegantly Tailored Hydration

Our scientifically crafted formula ensures mothers-to-be and breastfeeding women receive precise electrolyte balance

If we were to tell you something great it would be something like this:
30 servings of a sublime blackcurrant flavour isotonic drink. This drink might only be powder now but when mixed with water it becomes the elixir of life that dreams are made of. It tastes great and gets deep into the very cells to hydrate you gently illuminating your day and recovering you by nurturing you with much needed hydration.
Tiny drink, huge results!

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Ready to Transform Your Experience and Feel Amazing for your Birthing Journey?

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Crafted with Expertise

backed by expert knowledge and a deep understanding of maternal nutrition, offering a premium quality drink that caters specifically to your needs as an expecting mother.

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Optimized for All Pregnancy Stages

ISOMUM is a versatile companion throughout the entire journey of motherhood, ensuring continuous support and care

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Natural and Safe Hydration

No GMO or caffeine- the refreshing burst of energy without the risks, ensuring the utmost health for both mother and baby.

About Isomum's Electrolyte Drink

Isomum’s hydration powder for the busy, breastfeeding and pregnant moms. A very unique and special supportive blend of electrolytes that leaves you feeling great and tastes great too.
We have tailored our unique formula with the finest scientists in the US, crafting an extremely delicate and nurturing- yet powerfully effective drink. Electrolytes to target exactly what you need in the most important months of your baby’s journey, for you and your baby.
Before being born and during the months of breastfeeding also.
Isomum is perfect for those that need the extra help when it comes to hydrating delicately and precisely and can leave you feeling more energized and kicking away those discomforting blues.


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2 Pack

2 months (60 servings)

3 pack

3 months (90 servings)


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